Current Events

On March 3, 2017 several members of DAV Chapter 82 visited the 10th grade U.S. History class at Marlboro High School. Ms Julie Jenks is the teacher. They made a generous donation to the DAV. This seems to be an annual event for Ms Jenks and her class. It is VERY appreciated.

Pictured are the class students, and 6 members of DAV Chapter 82. Representing the DAV left to right are, Wayne Stanley, Wayne Grant, Tony Payne, Tim Burnham, Ron Dalbec and Dave Spirio.

DAV Commander Wayne Stanley addressed the class and explained the function of the local DAV Chapter.  Each DAV member introduced themselves to the class and we had a small question and answer session

On April 4th some members of DAV Chapter 82 visited the Hearthstone facility located at New Horizons Living Center. We brought some refreshments and wanted to sit with some of the veterans there and just have a social hour. It was a fun time for all. Several veterans drifted in and out of the room. Pictured below are three veterans that stayed with us the entire time. Pauline is a veteran of the US Navy, Neil is a veteran of the US Army and Jerry is a veteran of the US Marine Corps. Representing the DAV are Tony Payne, Ron Dalbec and Dave Spirio. Tony is absent from this picture because he was the photographer.

On March 13th DAV Chapter 82 donated clothing to the Homeless Veterans Shelter located on Grove Street in Worcester. This drive was coordinated by DAV member Vinny Giombetti. Each year our chapter makes this donation. This year we donated $3000.00. Vinny took this money along with coupons and smart shopping techniques to Kohl’s. He was able to make purchases that doubled our donation. This trip allowed him to donate the shelter with numerous items including 100 towels, 100 wash cloths and 100 quality shirts.

We had the pleasure of visiting Marlboro Hills Healthcare Facility on Northboro Road and the honor of sitting with the residents veterans on April 24th.




May 9th, we continued on to Reservoir Healthcare Facility located on Bolton Street. We enjoyed listening and conversing with those veterans as well.







Friday and Saturday August 18th and 19th we were handing out Forget Me Nots and accepting handshakes and donations for the soldiers and their families in need. Thank you to all who stopped by.

We would like to thank everyone who came out to The Marlborough Labor Day Parade this year. Your attendance always makes it an extra special event. Thank you all for joining us and the donations you placed in our blankets will help so many veterans and their families. Thank You all!