Our Work

DAV is a group of veterans who help other veterans. Our work is focused on raising money to help veterans and sponsoring and participating in events that honor veterans for and raise awareness about the contributions they have made in keeping the citizens of the United States safe.

The DAV Marlborough honors all veterans, and has a particular focus on those from Marlborough MA and surrounding cities and towns. We often help our local veterans by making donations to other groups helping veterans.

How do we raise money?
Several times per year we sell Forget Me Nots. Forget Me Nots were first sold to the public in 1926 as a means of raising money for the many injured soldiers returning from WWI. The DAV.org website notes:
DAV Forget Me Nots

The idea of selling the little blue flowers came from an image carried home in the memories of soldiers from the First World War who had seen spring flowers growing on the graves of comrades and allies killed in the fighting.

May is an active month for the DAV Marlborough
Each May, veterans representing the DAV Marlborough:

  • Visits schools to assist in the students’ Memorial Day programs
  • Places flags on ALL the veterans’ graves in Marlborough, MA
  • Stage and participate in memorial ceremonies at all the local cemeteries
  • March in the Marlborough MA Memorial Day Parade