About DAV Marlborough

The national organization of Disabled American Veterans (DAV) was founded in 1920, two years after World War One ended, by a highly decorated Army officer. The officer was concerned that the American servicemen and women of that conflict were properly treated by the nation they had so nobly defended.

The DAV predated by ten years the government agency now known as the Veterans Administration. During the early years, congress also granted the DAV a legal and formal charter under Title 36 of the United States Code and made it a non-profit organization.

DAV Marlborough, Chapter 82

DAV Marlborough is Chapter 82 of the Disabled American Veterans organization. Our Chapter is names for an area veteran Salvatore Padula who died shortly after honorable service in World War 2. DAV is run by volunteers and is a veterans-helping-veterans organization.

The Volunteers
All volunteers of DAV Marlborough are veterans, ranging in service date from World War 2 to the present. As members of the Disabled American Veterans, these volunteers have sustained injury while on active duty. All volunteers donate their time and do not accept payment for their solicitation of funds, allowing 100% of each donation to be passed along to veterans in need.

Why Join?

Join over 1.3 million of your fellow veterans to take advantage of the wide range of membership benefits.

DAV is an organization of veterans helping veterans. We receive no government funding and look out for our members 100% of the time because we have been in their shoes.

We are proud of our 90+ year history helping our country’s veterans, proud of our record of fighting for your rights and proud of working alongside so many other non-profit and advocacy organizations to make sure that we fulfill our promise to the men and women who have served. Most of all, we are proud to have served our country’s veterans as you have steadfastly served us.